Terms and conditions Ilulissat Adventure

Booking and reservations:
Booking and reservations can be made in advance online via our webpage or by e-mail. Reservations and booking are not confirmed before payment is well received. Payment can be made online via our online link, or via bank transfer upon request.

Last minute bookings and reservations can be made on the spot in Ilulissat via Ilulissat Guesthouse. Payment can here be made via our online Link or with local currency DKK.

The booking will follow the names on the reservation, and any name change must be reported to Ilulissat Adventure, in order not to be considered NO SHOW.

When booking excursions online, the online system will automatically send you a receipt of the payment. This will serve as your confirmation for the tour. When you book the tour locally on the spot, the guide can make you an invoice that will serve as your ticket.

Ilulissat Adventure keeps the right to change and cancel excursions on the following conditions: Weather and Ice conditions, technical problems, Force Majeure situations beyond Ilulissat Adventures control, where Ilulissat Adventure cannot perform the tour within the expected and needed safety regulations. It is by the end of the day, the captain or guide, that decides whether the tour can be done within the mentioned safety frame.

If the tour is cancelled due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, full amount will however be refunded to the costumers.

Shortened excursions:
Excursions can be shortened or changed along the way, if the captain or guide does not find it responsible to continue. This could be caused by sudden weather change or technical problems.

Compensation for a shortened tour cannot be expected, however we will always look at each case individually in order to offer our guest the best experience.

Cancelations policy:
When the booking is confirmed in our system, the following cancelation terms apply:

  • From booking and up to 4 weeks prior to arrival: Cancelation free of charge
  • From 4 weeks – 2 weeks prior arrival: 50% cancelation fee
  • From 2 weeks -departure: 100% cancelation fee.

We will always do our best to re-book any excursions (free of charge) if possible within the mentioned travel period. However, we do not guarantee this service, and strongly recommend our guest to make a travel insurance, that will cover any loss in case they need to cancel the excursions.

Change of excursions date:
Ilulissat Adventure keeps the right to change the excursions dates and times, within the travel period of the guest. This can be necessary based on weather conditions, or in order to secure a minimum number of participants on the excursions. If the tour is cancelled and not replaced within the travel period of the customer, the tour will be refunded.

Contact information:
When you place your booking/reservation with Ilulissat Adventure you need to provide your contact information such as email and phone number. This is the only way we can contact you should there be any changes in the itinerary. It is your own responsibility to make sure Ilulissat Adventure has the correct contact information.

Privacy Policy:
We are obligated to guard the privacy of our website visitors safely meaning:

  • When entering your personal information such as name and age in our booking system, we may share this with our employees, insurers, advisers, agents and suppliers, or other parties involved in the company and booking process.We will never share your personal information with any 3rd party for the purpose of direct marketing.
  • Your personal information will be kept in our system, only as long as necessary, following the guidelines given by Danish law.
  • We will store all the personal information given on a secure server, meaning the server will be secured with fire-wall, and you will need a password to enter the server.
  • All payments done thought our webpage will be encrypted and protected by the recommended technology within the field. However, you must acknowledge that the general transmission of information and payment via the internet is inherently insecure, and we can never fully guarantee the security of data sent over the internet.
  • We are always obligated to provide you with any personal information we hold about you in our system such as Name, payment method etc. Also you can at any time ask us to remove you from any of our internal marketing lists, if you no longer wish to receive our advertising.
  • Kindly note our website may direct you to 3rd parties website. We are not responsible for the privacy policy practice of our 3rd parties.
  • Finally, our website is managed and owned by Ilulissat Guesthouse/Ilulissat Adventure, which is also the responsible party of the privacy policy.

Insurance of customers:
We always recommend our customers to make an individual travel insurance what will cover not only any loss in case of cancelation, but that will also cover any personal damage in case of any accidents abroad.  A small hospital is located in Ilulissat, but for any serious damage treatment will take place in either Nuuk, Reykjavik or Copenhagen, meaning the cost for treatment can be tremendously high.

In case of an accident caused to our costumer by our staff or equipment, Ilulissat Adventure do have an all needed insurance covering any damage proven made directly by the company or its employees. Please note the insurance do not cover any personal items, only personal damage. Personal items must be covered by the customers own insurance.

Any complaints must be given or sent to Ilulissat Adventure soonest possible, stating precisely what conditions and circumstances you are complaining about. Most convenient for all parties is if the complaint can be handled locally with our staff on the spot. If this is not possible, the sooner we receive the written complaint, the sooner we can take action. Complaint will not be handled if received later than 3 weeks after the incident.

Change of terms and conditions:
We keep the right to change the terms and condition policy without further notice, than a new update of the terms and conditions on our website, so kindly check the website for change from booking to booking.